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Highest rated ebooks (per reader votes)

Bucharest-Vienna Delayed by James Wright
Daffodeelia by Janaki Sooriyarachchi
The Princess & The Penis by RJ Silver

'Hot' ebooks (most downloads, comments)

A Run Around the Block by Joy Hutchings
The Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher
Hawk's Legend by Robert Turnbull

Editors' ebook favourites

Shonim by Giulietta Spudich
Family Resemblances by Lowry Pei
Historical fiction
Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thomson

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Thanks for visiting bibliotastic. If you have been searching the web for free ebooks you’ve come to the right place. Discover some great fiction from independent authors across a range of genres from Romance to Horror and from Sci-Fi to Historical Fiction. We also publish some non-fiction but we steer clear of advertorials and similar dross. You can read our books online and if you register you can also download ebooks in PDF, EPUB and Kindle (PRC/Mobipocket) formats. All we ask for is an email address which we might use from time to time to invite you to take part in competitions like the recent one we held for which first prize was an Amazon Kindle. And unlike some sites, we won’t spam you weekly telling you what new books we have.
Sounds too good to be true? Well of course, you won’t find contemporary bestsellers on this site. As the word suggests bestsellers aren’t free and we are not a pirate ebook site. We believe authors should be rewarded for their work. Our books generally come from authors who are still trying to achieve commercial success. They will often make some of their back catalogue available for free on sites like ours in order to raise awareness in the hope that people will buy their more recent books after enjoying their older books for free. Commercial publishers reject over 99% of the manuscripts they receive from aspiring writers. Within that 99% are hidden gems for you to discover.

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Many of our authors have taken the self-publishing route after years of knock-backs from commercial publishers. With electronic publishing this is now a low cost approach to getting your work read. Like some other sites, bibliotastic is free for authors to publish. Unlike other sites we don’t use a robot to create the ebooks. We use humans and we find the humans are better at fixing the glitches that authors often have in their Word documents, which can lead to badly formatted ebooks and reader frustration. And if you need one, we also design free book covers for you to use on our site. Because we use humans to make the ebooks we don’t have a gazillion books on our site yet. So yours won’t get lost in the noise.