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For the past seventeen years, Sarah Fall has been writing romantic fiction under the pen name of Judith Bronte, and has a growing international readership that keep coming back for her latest stories. She's written eight novels, and is currently working on her ninth.

Her literary inspirations include Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, both of whom have been strong influences in her writing, and taught her to infuse passion and dialogue into each love story.

Sarah lives in Southern California (USA), and has worked as a website designer and graphic artist, before transitioning into a full-time inspirational romance writer. The model she uses for a healthy marriage in her writing, came from observing her parents' strong relationship. Their example of marital unity and close friendship are elements that continually slip into her stories in one form or another.

She developed a love for the written word through her father. As a child, Sarah remembers watching him endlessly read, and after that wonderful world was opened to her, authors such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and L. M. Montgomery would keep her turning those pages and eagerly wondering what came next. When she became older, authors like Jane Austen taught her about the power of conversation in a novel, while Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" taught her to infuse passion into her words. Sarah loves a romance that is sweet and passionate, and works to capture that in her own stories.

Possessing an active imagination, writing is a way for Sarah to wrestle all that creative energy into something productive. She started writing love stories in 1998, and with her mom's coaxing, Sarah brought her offering to the Internet. Over a million words later, the stories are still building a global readership, the website is still growing, and the writing is still pushing her imagination on a consistent basis. Sarah considers herself a storyteller first, and a writer second, and strives to create characters that come to life on the page. Romance novels combine the romantic drama Sarah loves so much in a novel, with the opportunity to tell a compelling story that won't let her readers go until the very last page.

Love stories have long been Sarah's passion. She loves to capture the dynamics of a romantic relationship, and the challenge of bringing two people together from different backgrounds and finding a way to make that relationship work. Her style often follows the characters even after they marry, so readers get to see how their relationship works after the I-do's. There's always lots of dialogue, and Sarah loves to bring the drama home to the reader, through the characters, themselves.

You can find Sarah's stories at her website, http://JudithBronte.com

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