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The Rough Guide To Being Successful At Work by Rough Guider

This is a ‘rough guide’ for junior staff through to middle management on how to be successful at work and maximize your career trajectory. The book avoids theory and focusses instead on practical advice. The reader can benefit from reading each chapter stand-alone but can learn more by understanding the links across the different chapters. The book provides simple, easy to follow steps that allow one to improve one's performance. All the recommendations are based upon real experiences. The book can be used as a guide and reference for people that yearn to perform better at work on a daily basis.

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"Being Successful at Work" contains good practical advice, but some rather risky suggestions have also been included. The book is purely textual, and could be strengthened by the use of visuals. Overall, the content of the book is on a par with some professional publications, but it is let down by its structure and presentation. Full review here.

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Nothing I couldn't have thought of myself


I'm rating it at 2 because I do not like to give Fs. Most of this is common sense and nothing that anyone with a brain can't think of. The thing that made me tank this rating is the end with explaining expressions like "great catch" etc. Seriously? Employees that complain about drink machines should not be working here. They lack all sense of proportion and apparantly don't know how to improvise. Very underwhelming.

Very greatly said my Noble Sire

Instead of dry and hopeless comments, you should laude the effort of the writer who not only overcame his problems, but also took time and efforts so that some lost person might be helped

The book is really good

The book is really good as it is felt that it was written on the experience basis, but not everything there should be taken for granted. For example I work in an iPhone development company and my relations with co-workers and boss are different than if I worked for example in some magazine or if I were a doctor. Each job has its peculiarities.

Fantastic read

Great book for all levels of management, useful guide indeed and very applicable. Highly recommended.

Really amazing

Really amazing. Everyone should follow and easy to follow. Go through the book and apply in your life, you can succeed in your career.

An easy to follow guide


I found the book really easy to follow. I'm tempted to tear some pages out and take them with me before meetings and presentations :-)

Relatively concise but a very practical guide all the same.


There is a lot to learn from this 'booklet' and much that can be implemented pretty quickly and easily. Junior staff and those in junior/middle management roles should benefit from reading.



Excellent - it's changed my life. Now I know where I went wrong

Really practical stuff!!!


Wow, the more I read this, the more I could relate to the content of this book. Really practical stuff!!!

Rough Guide To Business

Hi Deeps, I'm glad that you found this useful. Rough Guider.