Wrongful Death

Stephen Davis
Historical fiction
Wrongful Death by Stephen Davis

This is a work of fiction based on fact: the true story behind the government lies and incompetence, gross medical malpractice, and unbridled greed by a drug company that caused our American AIDS epidemic and cost 300,000 lives in just ten years.

The question remains: After 30 years and 300 billion dollars, why don't we have a cure or a vaccine for AIDS? The witnesses in this court case provide the only answer that makes any sense: We have the wrong cause.

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Wrongful Death is a well-written courtroom drama that touches upon, and leads readers to question, complex themes such as the power of large drug companies, the influence of ego and ambition on scientific research and political interference within health systems. If you enjoy controversy, there is plenty of it here. Despite the high quality of writing, the courtroom action is too one sided. Some aggressive cross-examinations would have made things more interesting and delivered a bit more balance to proceedings. Full review here.

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Should be labeled fantasy.


Should be labeled fantasy.

This book is a good eye opener

This book is a good eye opener to us about the conditions of those HIV/AIDS patients. Some of us don't care for them anymore treating them as filthy creatures. We really don't know how HIV/AIDS patients acquired this disease and yet we misjudge those people. And until now HIV/AIDS doesn't have a cure. It makes me wonder if pharmaceutical industry exists to cure the disease of the people or just to earn profit.

Should be on the must read list


Wrongful Death

If there are any lingering doubts about the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is about money rather than about curing the ills of mankind a reading of Steven Davis’s book “Wrongful Death” will dispel all doubts and will cause you to question accepted norms in the medical and pharmaceutical community.

Having previously read Mr. Davis’s “Are You Positive” and having carefully checked out many of the characters and the institutions named and found in every case that the self serving destructive behavior of these individuals and these , yes these governmental agencies were either validated or were at best in serious question.

Where the facts, the painful facts that were so poignantly articulated by Mr. Davis in question he would have been sued for liable but in that his case stands upon provable facts supported by 2700 or more qualified professionals he will never be subject to litigation because to do so would expose the corruptness of an industry (drug companies) that gladly has and today continues to put profit ahead of people, money ahead of morality, and gives us falsehood rather than fact.

Both “Are You Positive” and Wrongful Death” should be on the must read list for anyone taking any “legitimate” drugs.

Seldom does an author take historical facts, accurately record them in a work of fiction and in the doing make them a compelling read. Mr. Davis did all of that and more!

Harley TenElshof

A compelling read


I read this with a very open view and was absorbed right the way through. It was a compelling read and the truth at the end was truly amazing. Well written, with a subject that created so much suffering.

Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack


This book certainly puts a different view on the causes of AIDS. As a medical man we have a saying 'lack of evidence is not evidence of lack'. In this context that means that just because HIV and AIDS may not have been explicitly linkined does not mean that the link is not there. This is true for vitamin C and scurvy and salt and heart disease.
I can see the author's point in that he wants to put his case but unfortunately it is a little unconvincing and the narrative to deliver the message a bit dry.
AZT is a very old treatment hardly used but patients with HIV continue to die of AIDS...

The John Grisham of Science

I enjoyed the book. It read like a cross between a John Grisham legal thriller and an informative scientific treatise on AIDS. One of the things that gives great plausibility to this novel is the scientific history of AZT -- the primary drug used to treat AIDS patients from 1987-1996. In short, AZT is highly toxic cancer chemotherapy. When the AIDS experts utterly failed to develop a vaccine, they panicked, floundered and turned to AZT as a Plan B. The problem, though, is that like most cancer chemo, AZT, kills white bloods leading to immune deficiency.
Indeed, the first double-blind study of AZT, showed that one of the major hematological abnormalities (ie, deadly side effects) was leukopenia -- a decrease in white blood cells.
So, if HIV purports to kill white blood cells, Why would anyone take a toxic drug, that also kills white blood cells? Wouldn't this compound the problem, rather than ameliorating it?
In any event, Davis has provided a real page-turner, that shows some of the dark side, greed and incompetence that has permeated AIDS science since its inception 25 years ago. I definitely recommend it.

DD Steele