Case-File: Dog Eats Dog

Frank Atanacio
Case-File: Dog Eats Dog by Frank Atanacio

Nick PT Barnum answers his phone to hear a chilling cry for help. The deacon Mike Brandon is in trouble, and he thinks he killed a man... From an illegal dog fighting ring to a corrupt business man has the City of Bridgeport caught up in turmoil. Soon Nick Barnum is chasing secrets and cover-ups just to land in his own pot of hot water. It becomes a dog eats dog circus for the citizens of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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This is the second book I’ve read on the site by Frank Atanacio with our modern noir hero Nick PT Barnum.
I liked this book a lot better. I don’t know which book was written first, however this book has a lot more polish than the other book with the same character.

The author has brought the whole noir world to our modern times. He avoids cliche by making sure the reader understands that this is homage, that the style is for real and not used as a device, the style IS the story. Supremely tough good guy, dames, cops who need help and the dark streets of crime that only our man can solve.
This book takes a very dark turn and that makes it all the more effective as a story.
Any happiness for any character are few and far between, just as it should be in noir fiction.

I, as critic, still feel that the writing needs to be brought together to be even cleaner. There are moments where the story snaps into perfect focus and I want the whole book to be like that. However, there are other times the writing falls sideways, either into cliche (despite efforts to avoid it) or away from the noir style, which reduces the effectiveness of the commitment to the style.

But let me be clear, in this novel, I cared about the characters. I bought the story all the way along. Hated the bad guys and loved the good guys/gals. This book is the real thing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants modern hard boiled noir.

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I really enjoy all those


I really enjoy all those funny conversion between characters. Even in a very tense situation author finds his sense of humor. However I am kind of confused why there are so many chapters while each chapter has only one page??? And sometimes I feel as a reader, authors put too many distraction that takes away main attraction of the actual story.

Overall I like this book, wishing to read more books of Nick PT Barnum.

Great Book!


Great Book!!!!