Daniel Pagan
Science fiction
NetherWorld by Daniel Pagan

Nick unwittingly opens a portal from planet Karbonon to NetherWorld; a parallel universe that exists inside his computer. Nick's guide, a dizzy blue sphere named WhizzyWig, takes him deep inside a Walled City filled with Bytes, Beserks and Phish Pirates. But dark forces are at work. And the fates of both Karbonon and NetherWorld are inextricably linked by a virus. With time running out, it is a mad race to save both dimensions from impending doom.

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NetherWorld is a highly imaginative alternative reality modelled on computing. We travel this world through the eyes of Nick, a human that has been transported here by a mysterious force. The tone of the novel switches disturbingly between comedy and dark despair. Personally I found the story more compelling in its darker moments. I felt the prose was stronger than the dialogue. But overall the writing was let down by annoying grammatical errors and typos. If you can look past these foibles then NetherWorld can be an enjoyable read. Full review.

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I see myself in the lead character


The best novel I have ever read, NetherWorld, has captivated my being ever since I had laid my eyes on it. The character of Nick is whom I can see myself with, a boy who'd rather stay silent and occupied with the favorite thing he does, for Nick--his computer, for me--reading books. Furthermore, the character of WhizzyWig who came as a best friend for Nick is what I can see with my best buddy, a friend who accepted me for who I am. Another captivating thing about NetherWorld was the fact that Nick had an inverse being in the person of The Hacker, a misunderstood boy who was used by NazKlan, the villain, for the novel's Darkest Plot. This made me realize that sometimes I act like The Hacker, and I fear I might lead myself to danger.

Finally, as the novel ends, the plot turns out to be the unexpected. However, I managed to have accepted its outcome. NetherWorld, has truly seized my attention from novels like The Hunger Games, as it stirs my ambition of writing a novel of my own too.

Strangely, strange, but likable

This strange concept seems to jar memories of "A clockwork Orange" in strangeness.
A strange world has been created by the author and weird, likable characters thread their way throughout the work.
Strangely enough I liked the book. I should mention, as a rule, I do not care for this kind of story.
I read it all the way through and was not disappointed.

Creative and Catchy


This inventive read will appeal to teenagers, especially. Nick is a believable character in a futuristic world, where spiderbots find and confiscate hidden chips, and where no one needs to make their own bed anymore. A fun and inventive read.

New Level of Sci-Fi


This cutting edge Sci-Fi takes it to a new level for me. While so many authors out there merely rinse and repeat themes as if they are creating something new, this one created a outstanding new realm that drew me inside and had me captivated with the endless possibilities. The quick wit and metaphors really made me stop and think, not only about the past but what the future has in store for me and future generations. This is a Must Read if ever there was one, as for me I couldn't put it down and then started reading it over again because there was so much take in one read just would not do it for me. In my opinion should this be made into a movie, and well it should be, this would pack theatres providing entertainment for all generations. For now take my advice, Read it and share it with your friends and family adults and children alike !

Best read in a long time!


One of the most creative takes on cyber fantasy. Funny at times, especially all of the references to Old School computing! Love the "Duke of Floppys" and the "SubRoots". WhizzyWig was hysterical. The spider creatures (Pixals) were definitely disturbing! All in all a clever book that keeps the reader guessing until the very satisfying and unpredictable end. Also enjoyed the environmental themes that underly the story. Great for all audiences from teens to Boomers. Would make a great animated movie!

This is one I will read more than once!


This book stands out among the rest of the science fiction and cyberpunk work out today. An imaginative take and also quite funny at times, the writer creates a world like no other. The story also sends a great message and has some highly developed themes. The story can be taken as a straight formward adventure, which is great for young adults. However, there is much more to the book that is worthy of deeper reads.