Tantse Thompson
Dragonspower by Tantse Thompson

At the end of the Huri Wars the Dragons were betrayed and locked in crystal orbs by Duman, an elf who had been seduced by the Black Arts. However, one of the Dragons evaded capture and hid his power until centuries later it found its' way to a young orphan girl.
Together with a small band of friends, Alyse must find a way to free the Dragons and unite the Races against Duman. In the age old battle between good and evil will her suffering and sacrifice be enough against the arcane might of the Dark Elf?

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If you enjoy well written fantasy with well written characters, well written heroes and villains and well written swords and magic, please read this excellent book.
The main characters are rich and well formed. I cared about the people in the story. I cared when they suffered and I cared when they succeeded. I was happy when things went well and sad went things went badly.
There is some borrowed theme and structure but it is delivered in a fresh and well developed way.
My one complaint is that Tantse can’t help but put her own voice into the book. For example, once in a while we get a 'dear reader' comment (but wait dear reader there’s more); or we get a blatant foreshadow sentence (they thought the worst was over but it wasn’t). Tantse builds tension beautifully, only to sometimes spoil this by interjecting as the story teller. My other complaint is the ending is rushed.

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Great Book

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A wonderful tale which I recommend to anyone wanting a good long read encompassing magic, dragons and a very vivid imagination..

Why aren't they published yet?!

I have read some books that go on so much I lose the will to live (or even finish the story). I have read books that are so sketchy on the details that the story feels contrived and baseless. I have read stories where the violence is so graphic I cannot read it.

...But this story....

From the first chapter I was enthralled. The pace was consistent, the depth of character and background was excellent. I was transported to the small cottage in the wood and my heart went out to the protagonist.
For a while I felt that the beginning of the story was a little rushed, that the base picture being built for the reader was a little amateurish, BUT as I read on I realised that this was necessary for the emotional connection of the characters later on. I loved the theme, the history built a solid base for the rest of the book, and in my opinion there were good balances of magic, mystery, romance and even the oh so human companions frailty and self doubt. I loved how Thompson gave even the most classically loathsome characters traits that had me sympathising with their plight, but on the other hand, the heroes weren't supernaturally awesome and unbelievable so I found myself seeing the story from their point of view too.

I could go on for pages on the merits of this story but I'll just say I finished reading and found myself wondering when the next 'power book' would be out. Would it be a prequel about the Huri wars? Would there be companion stories for some of the characters? Where would the writer go next?

It doesn't really matter because I fully intend on taking that journey with them.

Amazing book


Loved it from front to back. An awesome read. Thanks

Wonderful read!!!


I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Wonderful characters, great storyline and beautifully descriptive. I could see the whole setting in detail in my mind as I was reading. I would definitely read more from this author. Thankyou!

Very good.


Very good. You want to keep reading and don't stop. I would buy books from this author.

Creative fantasy, with inspiration from Tolkein


This book is clearly inspired by Tolkein. It doesn't have nearly Tolkein's deep knowledge of Old English, Norse and their myths, so the world building is not nearly as complete, but it is interesting to compare how this book differs from the Lord of the Rings. I really enjoyed Thompson's conception of nature and the detailed descriptions of Duman's magic. I read the whole book in 3 days and couldn't put it down, so it is definitely good escapist fiction. I got wrapped up in the characters and thoroughly enjoyed Thompson's creative imagination.

I noticed a number of minor errors through out the book. Here is a list which I jotted down, but I couldn't figure out how to contact the author, so I will post them here in hopes that she will see them here:
"It's getting too dangerous," he insisted, when Jarok protested at being
sent back to sit with ALyse.

"It's getting too dangerous," he insisted, when Jarok protested at being
sent back to sit with Alyse.

They ran. Weaving their way passed the encroaching magic.

They ran, weaving their way past the encroaching magic.

She would pretend to be angry because he had stayed out passed suppertime

She would pretend to be angry because he had stayed out past suppertime

No matter how
hard he tried, he could not slip passed.
No matter how
hard he tried, he could not slip past.


was not in the least surprise to learn that Alyse had returned from —


was not in the least surprised to learn that Alyse had returned from —

Much sooner than Davin ever dared imagination the

first working model was placed firmly in his hands.

A well written fantasy with


A well written fantasy with realistic characters, noble heroes and of course the greedy villain. I read it from start to end and couldn't put it away untill the very end.
A very good story

Another journey


Although I found this book not badly written with decent characterisations, I had to groan when I realised it was another journey fantasy novel, to halt a war and find the penultimate prize. Ho hum. Very long winded.

Excellent!! Addictive!


This book was gripping from the first page. I deliberately refused to download it, so as not to be distracted for the rest of the day, I only read it in the evenings. My anticipation and excitement didn't wane till I finished reading it. And I so missed the book after I was done. That was three years ago.
I came back looking for it, now I'm going to download it and read it again.
Its a must-read for anyone who loved Lord of the Rings, and other fantasy stories.

Very Good Read


Very Good Read - couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.