The Forgotten Prophecy

Blaire Stull
Historical fiction
The Forgotten Prophecy by Blaire Stull

For years there has been hatred between the monarchy and the rebels and war has devastated the lives of many. A prophecy was once made predicting the end of the war. Aiden and Aithne come from very different worlds and now those worlds have collided. Can these two end the war like the prophecy predicted, or will they fail and watch as the kingdom destroys itself? A rebel and a royal, two people who were never to meet and now they must put their differences aside to save the ones they love.

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I would highly recommend this story. The story involves a war between the royals and the rebels of the kingdom. Karkoff intends to have his son Aiden kill the king so that he may take over the throne. A prophecy had said that a royal and a rebel would come together in their eighteenth year and end the war. On the day of Princess Aithnes and Aidens 18th birthday, the rebels storm the castle and under his father’s instruction, Aiden kills the king. Aithne flees the castle and is injured. Aiden, not knowing that she is a royal, brings her to the rebel village to be treated. When she awakens, she does not dare reveal her true identity and pretends to be a personal maid to her sister, now Queen Daphne. She demands to be taken back to the castle. Aiden takes her on a journey back under his father’s instruction that he find out inside knowledge about the castle to be used to kill the current queen. During that journey, their feelings for each other develop and the prophecy begins to come into play. However, Aidens father suspects his son may not do his bidding, and unbeknownst to Aithne and Aiden, he plans to storm the castle once again and kill any royal which remains in his path to take over the throne.
This is an excellent story. It keeps you involved and hoping that the main characters overcome all obstacles. It features some other great characters which add to the story such as Aithnes sister Daphne and her husband Lysander. Overall this is definitely worth a read!

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I definitely liked it.


There could have been a bit more ominous parts with wordplay, but altogether, it was a good book.

Not really my type of story but enjoyable

This is a romantic story about two teenagers, Aithne the princess and Aiden the rebel – or is he? They meet by accident and fall in love on their way back to Aithnes home but their journey is not over and Aiden become part of a contest for the princess' hand but he did not know it is Aithne. They fulfill the prophecy and fight off the evil people who just want to be King and then they lived happily ever after. Not really my type of story but I still enjoyed the book and the promise of true love.

good one

I can't stop reading this, till i get to the end.