Standing in a Cloud

Dennis Thomas
Standing in a Cloud  by Dennis Thomas

Standing In A Cloud is for the connoisseur of fine poetry. It has Sir Walter Scott’s epic sweep, Arthur Schopenhauer’s Wille zum Leben, and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s fluidity of movement, among other qualities, all distilled with Dennis Thomas’ characteristic aplomb. We are taken by Dennis to a sacred place, high up: it could be where Jesus prayed; the Tibetan spiritual masters practise; or, as we feel the sometimes sensuous texture of that cloud, even higher, to where the human consciousness merges with the void. Flowing on from Edgar Allan Poe, we are in a dream within manifold dreams, but the existential despair of Poe becomes the meditative calm of Dennis Thomas.

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Standing in a cloud


Dennis book ‘Standing in a Cloud ‘reaches far beyond the clouds, it
speaks of the afterlife, of love, nature, and lots more. It sparks
lights above the stars, move beyond life and see the afterlife stir
the dream. It move on with messages about life, death and see life’s
experiences here now sad, blessed and karmic breathing or messages
touching a place beyond where we are. It has static forces of the old
masters the Keats, Dylan Thomas, William Blake, he is well read and
verse in these great it emulates in his writing. In Birds Flew in
Colorful Skies, see this in lines of’ doomed earth trembled, lightning
conductor struck, ‘etc. It seemed to me that he has a great knowledge
of poetry, has won my heart in his writing and his emotional flow in
his work.

Life's mysteries


Standing in a Cloud portrays life’s mysteries and the words play that Dennis projects has brilliance in style as the words flow like a river. He holds my attention as one line meets the next. It had fluidity and space, some lines stay with me as strong as the wind. Leaving and flowing. It is a beautiful book.
It reminds me of the old English poets – the ones that stir the mind, opens up more inside. Line after line it touch my heart deep down. It is blessed with wisdom.

Love it!


Splendid developments in your writing, Dennis. You continue to have a resounding bass note to drive forward the reader in smooth waves, supporting the depth and substance in your broad ideas, yet still enlist such specificity of semantics, that twist and explode meaning at times.
This collection is well named. Each poem is uplifting, often joyous. I find you again and again dancing through those clouds, with a lightness of touch that is a pleasure to read, bring a smile to my face, and warmth to my heart. Thank you.