Blaze of Light

Robyn Crane
Science fiction
Blaze of Light by Robyn Crane

When Candace Swenson’s car broke down in the middle of the Nevada desert she was rescued by a tall, blond and handsome stranger. His attire was strange and so was he. His shoulders and chest strained the confines of his jumpsuit, as did the rest of his perfectly proportioned body. His leather boots had designs that Candy couldn't recognize carved in black down the front. From his ear hung a very large earring in the shape of a tiny Siamese cat reclining on a hoop. Then, as if that wasn’t weird enough, he invited her to join him on his spaceship …

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When I started to read this, I found it to be quite bizarre. Within a few pages I was reading of romance, Viking and spaceships! Despite this, I found it to be a fun read. There is great chemistry between Dolph and Candy that brings a fire to the story. If you are willing to try the weird and wonderful, you will like this book. It’s worth a read!

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No better romance book


This book is amazing...the best romance novel I heave ever read. I so wish there is a sequel to this book. My favorite part is when Dolph and Candy have sex for the first time and also when they reunite in the end. Amazing job,Robyn. I am still waiting for a sequel.

I didn't want it to end.


I didn't want it to end. Excellent read. :)

Great book


Interesting characters and story line. I just wish that some mistakes should be corrected. In chapter one the heroin was described as tall but later she was described as petite.



I really loved reading this book. The characters were lovely, funny and very realistic.


I really enjoyed this story/book. Couldn't stop reading it until it was done, and I really wish there was an epilogue. Oh well, hopefully I'll find another story that's a science fiction romance that has vikings in it. If there we're any other stories even close to this one they would have to be good.

Blaze of Light


What a great twist! excellent book, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Charming story, nice plot


Thanks for giving me such joyful reading hours. I just loved the story, the characters and the way it all is written, great job and certainly a 5* to me.

great story


Very enjoyable read and I hope there are others by this author.

Blaze of Light by Robyn Crane


!Warning: spoilers in this review!
I really enjoyed this novel all the way to the end. That is meaningful because often I can't get past the first paragraph of many published books including many very successful authors.
Regarding the editor's question: My favorite fungicide is STBFFBG, which stands for Space Traveler's Brain Fogging Fungi Be Gone. This fungus is known to stow away on space ships. It especially enjoys traveling up the sinus cavities of tech savvy galactic Vikings. I am certain this is what messed with the decision making abilities of our hero Dolph. Obviously a seasoned commander and warrior - he couldn't have been thinking at his best when he chose a modern American to tame based only on her good looks, nor when he left her with seriously poor security in place when he knew full well both the real threat against her and her own tendency for impulsive defiance, nor -and this decision bugs me the most - when he was protecting her from his lifestyle by leaving her alone on a highway without a car (which he had destroyed, by the way). If he was so lovingly protective and tech savvy, why didn't he transport her to a nice safe comfortable public square with a coffee shop nearby? And in that vein- she gave him several space ships - couldn't he replace her car for goodness sake? What she did for him was worth a lot more than the token cash he left in her pocket- she was lucky she didn't get robbed on the way back to the city. Dolph was lucky she didn't take over Vierig's space ships and crew herself. I'd like to see that in the sequel - Commander Candy challenges former lover the fungi brain for who is the Viking Lord of the Galaxy. If only he had bought her a Lexus and left her at a Starbucks he could have had it all but nooo - maybe she would forgive him once the fungi is discovered.
I did like the people, I enjoyed their characters and became interested in their welfare. The heroine Candy managed to handle her surprising situation pretty well in spite of being less than brilliant. The traits of being impulsive and of a quick temper gave her the logical freedom to do some illogical things which carried the story into interesting troubles.
The manly man with some depth to him was great. The opening rape was a bit upsetting in a love story but it was folded into the culture of the Viking adequately and part of her challenge in getting her head around a different belief system and lifestyle and deciding to accept it.
I liked the handsome alien abducting her out of her miserable ordinary life. I liked the uniqueness of the Viking spaceman. I like the tiny cat. I like the rough sex themes tempered with good humor and no real harm done.
The bad guy was great: richly very very bad and yet disturbingly sexy. I was torn between wanting him to complete the rape and his being just too nasty to consummate his lust because it wouldn't go with the generally upbeat tone of the story. Another part I like was that she joined in a fight scene and made a decisive blow. I liked the locater chip left in her ear that helped at the end, and I liked how she aggravated her hero back to life and love with the use of her usual difficult style as assets.
Some issues that bothered me: Sometimes I was a bit confused as to who was talking. Candy didn't show any curiosity or excitement about being on a space ship or traveling through space! Once I had recovered from the shock of the abduction I would have demanded to see outside, have a tour of the ship, but she was like- oh we're on a space ship so what? And when they landed on the planet- again she showed no interest in being there - like it was just another day at the office.
I was confused about the scrotum pouch - was that supposed to be Vierig's scrotum or the other guy? I thought they took only one nut in either case and I couldn't help worrying about one of them having one nut without a scrotum to hold it. If it was Vierig's then he lost both nuts and in that case I'm wondering where his sexual passion comes from? Is he taking hormones? Or maybe he didn't carry out the rape because he couldn't! If so, we the reader would want to know about that.
I was also a bit confused about the scene where Vierig dies - there seems to be a repetition of a sword going through his chest. I read it a few times, and I get that he almost died the first time and she was scared and so stabbed him again and then Dolph stabbed him again; but it reads kind of confusing.
Now I have a few closing comments on personal pet peeves that are more general for the romance genre, but I do appreciate a writer who can avoid them as much as possible. One is the chin thing. Why are romance heroines always raising their chins? Another pet peeve is the long separation at the end especially when it's the man's decision to leave her alone out of some misguided convoluted intention. What an idiot! Forget him!
Another pet peeve is when the heroine does misguided stupid things out of spunk and courage. She's an idiot! Forget her! On second thought, she was only 21 and did well for her age.
Another is when the Point of View changes at random - it's not terrible in this type of light fun read, but it can be confusing so I'm not settled on my opinion of it.
In this novel, the enjoyment and sexy factors seriously outweighed the bug me issues. The men were manly, desirable, and complicated, the situation was interesting and fun, the sex was great and edgy, and the heroine thought through her choices (except when she was being stupid).
Great job, Robyn.
Thanks for a great read. Review by L J Clark, 1/29/2012.
By the way, I found minor typos on pages 107 and 110.


this book is amazing ... I haven't read many of your books but this one surely rocks