Short Stories

Heidi Jacobsen
Short stories
Short Stories by Heidi Jacobsen

This is a collection of three short stories, a diet plan and a short autobiography of the author. 'If you loved me' is about Izzy Brown, a rising star in the pop music world. 'Swamp' is about Jean Pierre a forty-two year old divorcee who is nearly broke. 'Kind Hearted Woman Blues' is about Maria a blues singer who is in love with Billy, a down and out drifter. 'Losing Twenty Pounds' is a comical look at dieting and 'Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere' is the story of the authors life.

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Hmmm. This collection of prose is as eclectic as one of ‘Heidi and the El Cats’ jam sessions. The brief autobiography and crash diet booklet aside, the short stories are more unfinished that short per se. They seem like screenplay sketches, to be completed if they pique a director’s interest. Enjoyable reading but frustratingly incomplete.

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thank you


Thank you.

soy hispanohablante y busco aprender ingles, asi que espero aprender algo con este libro.

[I speak Spanish and am trying to learn English, so I hope to learn something with this book]