Last day of a suicide bomber

Tendai Huchu
Last day of a suicide bomber by Tendai Huchu

We are given an insight into Khalid Patel's youthful, disturbed mind as we follow his stream of consciousness on his final day. Khalid is ready to do his duty, He has been trained in Waziristan and he believes in the cause. It is definitely not part of the plan when falls in love with Smokey, an independent, feisty young woman who is going to be Britain's first female suicide bomber. Love, Life, Death and Duty intertwine in the most unusual of possible ways.
This novella pays tribute to Victor Hugo's influential ‘The Last Day of A Condemned Man’ and forms the first part of the novel ‘An Untimely Love’ which is available on

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This is a great book. But I didn’t like it. It is well written, fascinating to read, well structured, with deliberate character development. But I didn’t like it.
This book offers insight into the mind of a young terrorist. It gives an all too realistic depiction of training and planning for a terrorist attack. In what I hope is not a spoiler, the last day of a suicide bomber is in many respects an ordinary day. With ordinary worries, mingled in with extraordinary decisions. Small emotions and large emotions, beliefs and viewpoints explained. It’s not a book I will read again, though the imagery is seared into my consciousness.

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Horrifically sad, but true


The insights, the mundane and the lack of logic combine to paint a picture of doom. How is it possible that these young people can choose this "end of all ends" as a means to glorify their spirituality? The question always begs an answer the author does not supply that answer, but the story, and the dialogue takes you through a thought process and a training system that begs for a logical intervention that never comes. Pity for those whose belief system over-rides a seemingly intelligent, educated back ground. The last minute memories and actions create a curious macabre result. Well written, by one who has seen first hand, or a least felt this cruel reality.

this book is good.Read it

this book is good.Read it