Looking Through the Windows of Madness

Leo Vine-Knight
Looking Through the Windows of Madness by Leo Vine-Knight

Steven is a psychiatric nurse with an attitude problem, as well as one or two embarrassing secrets. Close to burn out, he struggles through a maze of flashbacks, rebellious impulses and mind-numbing events, gradually revealing a story of insidious madness. Not just a story, but also a heartfelt critique of modern values - seen through the comic lens of a profession on the brink.

The author has worked for over twelve years in mental health units around the U.K. He has a Ph.D. in Mental Health Studies and now lives in the North of England with his wife and two children. He has published work in a number of international journals.

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I found this story quite interesting if sometimes a little difficult to follow. One or two parts took some re-reading to fully grasp what was going on. Overall I would recommend it. It is an interesting take on life working in a mental institution showing the stresses and strains placed on the system itself and the staff who struggle to work within it. The main protagonist is an interesting character with a lot of layers to his personality and secrets he would prefer remain hidden. My only criticism would be that the story does not really tie back to its opening chapter but otherwise it’s a good read.

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A breath of welcome fresh air

Too much! Spread it out, please! Brilliant stuff, though. Excellent, outstanding, engrossing, you are a breath of welcome fresh air and all those other trite and tired adages.