Mountain Wild

Judith Bronte
Historical fiction
Mountain Wild by Judith Bronte

Josiah Brown is a half-breed Blackfoot mountain man, trapping the Rocky Mountain streams. After saving Emma Perkins from raiding Blackfoot Indians, Josiah decides to marry her. Emma Perkins suddenly finds herself the wife of a wild and leathery mountain man. His rough and tumble temperament go against her upbringing, and Emma struggles to keep her faith and survive in a land where the animals, and the people, are mountain wild. Hardened by the wilderness Josiah wrestles against change and the gentle ways of a woman who threatens to tame his heart.

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Good Book

Yes, there is a lot of religion in this novel, but being a Christian myself, it really puts the trials people face everyday in one form or other into perspective of believing in God. I really enjoyed this book, although I found it to be a little on the slow side. All in all, I found it to be one of the better Christian Romance novels I've read in a long time.

A Good Christian Historical Inter-Racial Romance

I enjoyed every bit of this book and didn't want to put it down. The story line kept my interest completely and wasn't ever predictable. A nice blend of excitement, suspense, tragedy, romance, family, and faith.



I do pray that everyone who will read this book will be blessed.

No recommendation


A story that started as interesting and quickly became a dull sort of preaching. Disappointingly, for this had all opportunities to be a great book and in my humble opinion the writer failed to deliver.

not meant for you

If you had read the profile of the author, Judith Bronte, you would have known she writes Christian books and "does not apologise for it" so next time you want to pick a book to read, check out the author first. This book was a GREAT read

Good book to read


This is a good book to read. I enjoyed ever chapter. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried. I finished reading it in less than a day b/c I just couldn't put it down. I'm hoping to read more books by this author.

Excellent book


I enjoyed reading the book. I do not know when I have read a 600 plus page book in such a short time. Well written.

Would not recommend it


This book is based on a very interesting inter-racial relationship in an age where this would have been quite an issue. However, the writer fails to explore in detail the problems this couple would face, both between them and the rest of society.

The story is slowly paced and full of religious remarks quite off putting when reading a romance book. The author kept writing about hunting meat and praying which made this, in principle quite interesting story, boring to read. The many short paragraphs did not help either to make the reading easier, as it kept breaking the reader’s pace.

Overall, what could have been a very interesting story became an excuse for preaching the readers. I would not recommend this book to a friend.


Reading your comment I have to agree. This book started out to be quite interesting but when the story unfold itself being nothing more than a large prayer and a story about how to hunt, it lost my interest. The amount of religious remarks gave me the feeling the writer was trying to evangelise.
I too would not recommend this book to any of my friends.

Really Enjoyed this book!


I drew closer to God and to my husband as I read this book. I've read it several times in the last few weeks. Reading it made me want to be a better wife to my husband. Thank you for this book!!!