No Further Messages

Brett Savory
Short stories
No Further Messages by Brett Savory

WARNING some readers may be upset by the extreme violence in some of the stories.
No Further Messages comprises 21 hard-hitting horror short stories. The subjects are not supernatural but deal instead with the more worldly evils of murder, violence, insanity, and torture.
'This is not, and never has been, about you. Any of you. This is not, and never has been, about good and bad. This makes no sense to you, I know. I have taken all who are worthy. There will be no further messages.'

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These are original stories, in a genre with a million different authors, these are original in voice, amazing in vision, beautifully disturbing. These are stories of the very worst of humanity. The very worst of madness, murder, torture, hate, loss, pain, death. Death in a dozen original, frightening, horrific ways. Most specifically, insanity, madness, the very bottom of the darkest places in the human mind. For those who want to look into the the very hell that humans can create, you must read this book. Full review here.


No further Messages.


Some stories OK some not so, waded through it.

ok but i found it jerky


ok but i found it jerky