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Borne to Blog by Milt Wear

The title of my book "Borne to Blog" appears to start poorly with an immediate spelling error. It means, however, that I was "carried" to the idea of blogging. I am a painter who was simply called to pick up the pen and this has greatly expanded the purpose and direction of my life. I write not so much a "how-to book" - but a "why" book. In here you will find soul-searching life experiences, testimony, humor, and poetry. All from the seasoned viewpoint of an 82 year old great grandfather, who is totally enraptured by the modern world of blogging and social media.

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This is awesome


This is a very engaging read. The author, perhaps, considers himself "borne to blog " and I must agree. But I believe he is more of a "born to teach." He has some unique teaching styles that captures attention of every aspiring blogger like me.

Though less technical, this piece is very inspirational and full of heart. The catchy phrases, biblical excerpts, anecdotes helped a lot to make the learning colorful, not to mention the artistic cover. It is a visual and verbal obra in its own way.

Part of the piece, he reminds the readers not to borrow from the old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” True enough. If only everyone could bear a heart of a child, reading books like these could be very rewarding.

Glad to have known bibliotastic. So fantastic! I am looking forward to the near future that I'd be able to apply what I've learned from Milt Wear, enhance my blog and post my own ebooks in this site.

Congratulations Uncle Milt on your persevering achievement!


Trailblazer, I call him and may many follow his footsteps. I love his works like Dim Sum - delicious and mouth-watering wisdom, humour, wit, and real life offered in tasty small bites - memorable and thought-provoking.

On blogsite ChristianBlessings, this is what I wrote

"Read more of the blogs of Uncle Milt
- be encouraged to blog as blogging helps you to appreciate more of the Lord and life
- and think more about life as there is more than meets the eye.

His blogs are like spice in my curry, the oomph in my tom yam steamboat soup, the nutty toppings on my ice-cream – yes, you must get a first taste and then you would want all of it! "

These blogs should not be read all at one sitting - take a sip, mull over a blog or sentence, snack on it, let it jell in the mind and provoke thoughts which become reminders, instigators for action, for development, for more love, for more interest in those around us, feel the joy, the keen observation of life for its opportunities and challenges... these blogs are stepping stones in a pond where fish swim in cool shady waters where green rushes grow, for leisure or pleasure, for relaxation or sending us back to a world of work, woe and wrath, yes more patient, relaxed, rebalanced and with a little more understanding why, with renewed perspectives and responses .

Indeed, there is more than meets the eye of life and experience from the Holy Bible or from his life observations and subject and people inter-actions in his blogs.

Come take a bite and like *Dim Sum Yam cha sessions, you will return again and again to read Borne to Blog.

To Uncle Milt,
Keep on keeping on! We're cheering you and following your trails - tough trails but always with good hope and looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith with the joy that is set before you and us.

Thank you for being our encourager and example in blogging, and may many will find that despite the difficult stuttering starts it will be enjoyable and satisfying when the engine begins to rev. May many more bloggers be born and borne to blog.

Here's a +"Yam Seng!" as we celebrate with you on your achievement with God's blessings for more blogs to come.

Your friend from right across the globe

* Refreshing private personal sessions among friends with little tasty morsels of daintily prepared dishes enjoyed leisurely with cups of hot Chinese tea
+among Chinese it means let's toast till glasses are bottoms up!

Thank you, Milt, for inspiring others!


Milt's writing provides myself and others with a unique insight into his life. I enjoyed reading Milt's many blogs on a great variety of topics and felt that they gave me new insights into his mind and soul. Oh, that we would all be "forced" to write down thoughts and ideas and questions and comments as we live each day. There is nothing like reading what somebody else writes on a blank page. Things that make the rest of us smile, think, ponder, consider, things that spur us on to writing something down ourselves.

Milt, you are full of life and wisdom. Thank you for continuing your daily walk of faith as you blog/write/muse/create,etc. We are all the richer who read what you have written.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your soul. I deeply appreciate your testimony, your humor and your life-adventure. May the Lord continue to plus all your writing!
Helen (your fellow writer)